Our classes are fun and focused. Every student works in every class. Below you'll find descriptions of our acting classes, private lessons, and our much-requested Business of Acting class.


Everyone works in every class, starting from the first session where actors cold read a monologue. Students are taught how to analyze a scene, make strong and interesting choices, take direction, and audition effectively. The six-week course culminates in an audition workshop before an industry casting director. This class is a perfect refresher course for actors getting back into the business or new actors just starting out who want to take their craft to the next level. In addition to gaining more confidence on stage you will get advice on: 

  • Where to find a scene / monologue that is right for you.

  • How to breakdown beats and analyze a scene. 

  • How to make the strongest choice you can for the audition materials you are given. 

  • The class will also deliver practical knowledge about having a competitive resume and a great headshot.

  • On the final day of each six week session an industry professional will have a Q&A session and provide feedback for the monologues and scenes you have been working on in class.




8 Week Intensive/
Advanced Class

Our advanced classes require a more rigorous examination of scripts, scenes, and character. This class is perfect for the working actor who wishes to work more and make stronger choices (sometimes with limited time) in the audition room. The class teaches the actor to dive deeper into text analysis of the scenes and monologues, and will help you improve your audition technique and get more callbacks. By the end of this eight week course you will leave with results that will get you work.

  • Work intensely on 2 scenes or a scene and a monologue selected specifically for you that you could use for your actors reel and/or on the audition websites

  • Start every class with a cold reading assignment to improve and hone your audition skills

  • Each class is video taped and the file sent to students the next day. 

  • A clear sense of your “type.”

  • On the final day of each 8 week session an industry professional will have a Q&A session and provide feedback for the scenes you have been working on in class.




The Master Class is an invitation only class. This advanced class is for students who have completed at least a year of study at the Russell Acting Studio. This is a class for the serious working actor who is regularly auditioning and booking work. Rehearsal of scenes outside of class is mandatory.


Chekhov/Shakespeare is offered twice a year.

Do you avoid auditioning for classic plays?

In this class, we will demystify Shakespeare and Chekhov by doing intensive script analysis and character motivation.

  • Students work on a Chekhov scene.

  • Students work on a Shakespeare monologue

  • Texts analyzed and rehearsed using exercises from Meisner, Strasberg, Robert Lewis, and Stella Adler


Pursuing an acting career in New York can be lonely and frustrating. This class will help you develop a strategic plan to get work and provide you with a community of actors to share experiences and knowledge with. Teacher Catherine Russell will guide you, advise you, and kick your butt.

The initial six-week class is followed by a two hour class once a month for 9 months.

Each student will set individually tailored, achievable goals and then come up with a list of specific tasks to accomplish those goals.

Students will be divided into smaller groups and will follow up and communicate between classes during the six week course and then during the ensuing year.

Topics will include:

  • How the business works: agents, managers, casting directors, the breakdowns

  • Finding work on your own in theater, film, television, commercials, print, web series, industrials

  • Getting a photo that looks like you and a resume that showcases who you are and what makes you unique

  • Identifying and refining your type

  • Finding auditions

  • Getting representation

  • What happens at an audition

  • What to say when you meet an agent or casting director

  • Following up after an audition or meeting

  • Creating a reel

  • Joining the unions

  • Creating your own opportunities – writing, producing, directing your own material

Each student will set individually tailored, achievable goals and then come up with a list of specific tasks to accomplish those goals.


THE NON ACTOR/MEDIA TRAINING (Private one on one sessions only)

While public speaking may no longer be Americans’ greatest fear, it is still one of the top five, (along with spiders, heights, and the dentist). Still, most of us will have to speak in public at some point in our lives – either in person or on zoom – and few look forward to the experience.


Perhaps you have three days to write a eulogy. Or you are the best man at a wedding and you have to give a toast. Does your son or daughter have to give a speech in front of the entire school? Do you have to pitch a new idea or product to your co-workers or to a client?


Many people put off writing and then practicing a speech until the very last minute so the last day or two before the event is torturous and the actual speech is nerve-racking.  SPEAK BETTER NOW will help you organize your ideas, write the speech and then practice so you can deliver it with only a few notes, making you look like an experienced and effective speaker. And you might actually enjoy the process of working with a coach!,

We offer several options - you can pay by the hour or the project  - and I encourage you to ask for a free 15-minute consultation to see if we can help you achieve your goal of giving a great speech or presentation.


Jump Start your career! Three one hour sessions to work on scenes or monologues of your choice, audition/self tape prep, and /or business of acting sessions to help you come up with a plan or “roadmap” to help achieve your acting goals.