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Catherine Russell has been on the faculty of NYU since 1981 where she teaches graduate and undergraduate acting. She is a working actress, having performed over 13,000 performances (a Guinness world record) in the Off-Broadway production of Perfect Crime. Her approach to acting is very practical. She is nurturing and yet honest and finds as much joy in her student’s progress and success as she does in performing. Her teaching philosophy is that there is not one best acting method; her classes incorporates techniques from a variety of teachers including Strasberg, Esper, Adler, and Meisner.

All classes are held in Manhattan at The Theater Center at 50th St. & Broadway.
The main entrance is located at 210 W 50th St. between
8th Ave & Broadway.

Transit Options:

- 1 train to 50th St.

- C & E train to 50th St.

- N, R, W trains to 49th St.

- 42nd St. Port Authority Bus Terminal

"I love this class! This is exactly what I needed to begin building my foundation as a professional actor"

Veronica T.

Catherine Russel on Patten Disregard

This episode features Catherine Russell, urban legend/star of Off-Broadway 's Perfect Crime since 1987, and actor-turned-therapist Lisa Gajda.

"It’s time to talk about what just happened.

Cancel me a little, hate me just enough.

Cry, but only at me, jeer…but not too rough."

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